Sverica Capital Management
Growth-oriented private equity firm
Boston, MA


Overall Rank: 63
Category: Emerging Growth
Category Rank: 25

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Sverica Capital Management is a leading growth-oriented private equity firm that has committed capital of $2 billion across six funds. The firm acquires, invests in and actively builds companies that are, or could become, leaders in their industries. Since inception, Sverica has followed a “business builder” approach to investing and takes an active supporting role in its portfolio companies. Sverica devotes significant internal time and resources to help its management teams develop and execute growth strategies and proactively looks for levers to pull to accelerate growth by reinvesting back into those companies. Sverica firmly believes in building businesses collaboratively that can endure for the long term by starting with a strong foundation and bringing the right people and playbook to drive reinvestment and ultimately strong returns for our investors. Sverica has offices in Austin, Boston and San Francsico and has made 47 platform investments since inception.


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Key People

Sverica has a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds. Several of the firm’s Managing Partners have run companies themselves prior to joining Sverica which resonates with founders of bootstrapped businesses. Growth is at the center of everything that Sverica does and unsurprisingly its team employs a growth mindset that is continuously looking for new ways to grow its portfolio companies and ultimately drive returns for our investors.

Funds Raised

Sverica has grown both in team and fund size at a measured pace (by design) over the past decade.

Fund Name Size Date
Sverica Fund VI $750 2023
Sverica Fund V $450 2019
Sverica Fund IV $275 2016

Key Investments

Stream Companies: Invested 2019
Sector: Marketing Technology and Services 

Stream Companies is an Integrated Advertising Agency and a SaaS based technology company for the retail and automotive industries. With over 20 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing, Stream Companies uses a data driven and solutions-oriented approach to support businesses across the U.S. with their services.

Gener8: Invested in 2018
Sector: Advanced Industrial

Gener8 designs and manufactures life science instrumentation, complex clinical devices as well as advanced industrial systems, leveraging expertise across a broad array of engineering competencies including microfluidics, optics, electronics and embedded e-systems. Its capabilities include end-to-end design, development, prototype and low-to-medium volume production. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gener8 serves a number of venture backed companies as well as a mix of larger public corporate customers to commercialize their technology.

Coastal Cloud: Invested in 2020
Sector: Cloud Services

Coastal Cloud is a Salesforce Platinum consulting partner based in Palm Coast, Florida. Through its unique consulting business model, the Company provides implementations and managed services to assist clients in migrating to next-generation systems. Coastal Cloud, one of the fastest companies to achieve Platinum status with Salesforce and was recently named the #1 partner in North America by Salesforce. 

ShadowDragon: Invested in 2021
Sector: Cybersecurity

ShadowDragon is a threat intelligence software provider focused on offering publicly accessible information (PAI) and open-source intelligence (OSINT) data and tools to both public sector and commercial clients to help streamline investigations and safeguard assets. ShadowDragon’s flagship solution, SocialNet, aggregates data from 140+ different platforms across the clear, deep, and dark web to uncover identities, networks, and connections of potential threat actors.

SG Homecare: Invested in 2022
Sector: Healthcare

SG Homecare provides durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and associated medical supplies to home-based patients in the California market under capitated agreements with at-risk physician groups.

Hirebotics: Invested in 2023
Sector: Advanced Industrial

Hirebotics is an innovative, high-growth automation company that created a first-of-its-kind collaborative robot solution designed specifically for welding applications. Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder product combines premium welding equipment and a robotic arm with easy-to-use robust proprietary software to help address an acute shortage of skilled welding technicians. The Company’s internally developed software platform, Beacon, is the only cloud-based experience in the industry and the most accessible and easy-to-use tool on the market. Hirebotics’ approach to tool-in-hand applications like welding can readily be applied to adjacent use-cases.

First Stop Health: Invested in 2023
Sector: Healthcare

First Stop Health (“FSH”) is a premier provider of virtual care services that works with mid-size employers to help reduce costs and provide convenient care options for their employees. The Company delivers three primary services – virtual urgent care, mental health, and primary care – for a fixed, per employee per month (“PEPM”) fee. FSH provides its members access to high quality, 24/7 care through its network of physicians and healthcare providers, all delivered seamlessly through the Company’s proprietary technology platform.

Zyzton: Invested in 2023
Sector: Cybersecurity

Zyston is a provider of comprehensive end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that enable businesses to improve their security posture and program management maturity. The Company offers managed detection and response (“MDR”) services through its 24 x 7 x 365 security operations center (“SOC”) in Dallas, Texas, where Zyston monitors, investigates, and disrupts advanced threats in real time. Zyston’s managed security services offering is bolstered by CyberCAST, an AI-driven automated security program maturity software solution which generates program scoring and converts takeaways into a business language easily understandable by executives and insurance providers.

Capital Responsibility

Sverica Capital is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, conduct and professional responsibility in the pursuit of its goal of consistently achieving the highest quality investment returns for its clients. At all times, it is Sverica Capital’s intension to conduct its business in an honest and ethical manner in all aspects of its operations, which includes considering the impact of its actions and investment decisions. Importantly, the firm seeks to grow and improve the companies in which it invests, leaving the companies better off than when the firm first invested, including on environmental, social and governance matters. To this end Sverica Capital has adopted a set of policies and procedures that seek to ensure that these ESG factors are considered in all areas of operation.

CEO Reviews

Scott Walker, Co-Founder, Accuvant (Now Optiv Security)

“Given the tremendous success we had together and the strategic value they brought, I feel fortunate to have been partners with the Sverica team and unequivocally recommend them as an “operator friendly” partner to other entrepreneurs and business owners.”

David Barfield, CEO, Bartech Group

“The collaborative partnership approach and investment philosophy shared by Sverica were true differentiators for my family and management team.”

Tom Burns, Founder & CEO, Resonetics

“Sverica played a pivotal role in evolving Resonetics from a single-site, specialty manufacturer to a best-in-class global supplier of laser processing services to the medical device industry.”

Sara Hale, Co-Founder & President, Coastal Cloud

“After meeting with many potential Private Equity investors, Sverica was different and better. They came across as truthful, intelligent, and trustworthy. We chose Sverica because we wanted these attributes in a partner that was going to work with us to achieve our goals of growing the company while keeping our culture. We are happy to say that our working partnership has led to great growth together. We are very thankful that we chose each other!”

Steve McLaughlin, CEO, Restorixhealth

“Sverica was instrumental in propelling RestorixHealth from a regional player to a national footprint.”

Paul Stillmank, Founder & CEO, 7summits

“They are a highly resourceful team of professionals, and, while they are both analytical and forward thinking, they also pushed our thinking about scale leading to detailed go-to-market models, predictive forecasting, and repeatability in our business.”