Award Usage Regulations


Since their inception in 2013, GrowthCap awards (“GrowthCap Awards”, “Awards”, or in the case of singular use “GrowthCap Award”, “Award”) have achieved industry wide recognition among private capital firms, institutional limited partners, corporate executives, investment advisors, and investment bankers among others.  Today they are among the respected and sought-after professional awards a private investor can attain.

Their prestige, acknowledged within the institutional investor industry, has grown over the years because industry participants recognize a GrowthCap Award is based solely on professional achievement and because care has been taken to preserve the integrity of a GrowthCap Award. Specifically, GrowthCap takes great care in its selection of awardees and actively manages the use and reference to a GrowthCap Award in promotion, advertising, and other forms of publicity.

The purpose of these Regulations is to set a code of fair practice for all forms of advertising and usage pertaining to our GrowthCap Awards and publications, as well as for other uses of GrowthCap’s intellectual properties.

GrowthCap does not wish to restrict the benefits awardees may derive legitimately from publicity associated with the GrowthCap Awards, but desires to equalize these benefits and ensure that:

  1. the rights of past and future GrowthCap Award recipients are fully protected and treated fairly,
  2. no illegitimate claims of GrowthCap Award consideration are made in any advertising medium,
  3. our readers are not misled by any statement or implication that any achievement has been won or been nominated for a GrowthCap Award when that is not so, and
  4. the necessary legal protection is provided for the trademark and copyright owner, i.e., GrowthCap.

GrowthCap, as the copyright owner of each GrowthCap Award title and publication, and owner of its trademarks and service marks, including “GrowthCap,” “GrowthCap’s Top 40 Under 40 Growth Investors,” “GrowthCap’s Top 25 Software Investors,” “GrowthCap’s Top 25 Healthcare Investors,” “GrowthCap’s Top 25 Growth Equity Firms,” “GrowthCap’s Top Growth Equity Firms,” “GrowthCap’s Top 25 Private Equity Firms for Growth Companies,” “GrowthCap’s Top Private Equity Firms,” “GrowthCap’s Top Women in Growth Equity and Private Equity,” and any other award title including the “GrowthCap” mark, is required to protect its properties against unauthorized uses and infringements.

Please adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of these rules.


  1. Each GrowthCap Award is the copyrighted property and trademark and service mark of GrowthCap, LLC (“GrowthCap”). GrowthCap has the sole and exclusive right to publish said Award content in any form or medium, and to distribute or exploit the Award content or reproductions of same by license or otherwise.  No reproduction, derivative work or other copy of the Award content or its pieces may be made or used by any advertiser, organization or individual except in accordance with these regulations or under express written consent from GrowthCap.
  2. The “GrowthCap” mark and GrowthCap Award titles are trademarks and service marks of GrowthCap, and may not be used except in accordance with these regulations or under express written consent from GrowthCap.
  3. The “GrowthCap” mark may not be used in the title or subtitle of any magazine, newsletter, online or digital publication, commercial web site, video, social media, or any other format not produced by GrowthCap except under the express written consent from GrowthCap.
  4. The “GrowthCap” mark may not be incorporated into promotional media, corporate material or content of any form, online, digital, print or otherwise, except in accordance with these regulations or under express written consent from GrowthCap.
  5. GrowthCap Award recipients may not refer to, link to, mention, acknowledge, announce, promote, or use the award in any way, whether that be on a web site, bio, social media, press release or other format, without the express written consent from GrowthCap. Such written consent is typically granted to award recipients who have acquired copyright permission.
  6. GrowthCap Award recipients have no rights whatsoever in the GrowthCap copyright or goodwill in the GrowthCap Award or in its trademark and service mark. Award winners must comply with these rules and regulations.


News and editorial uses of a GrowthCap Award or GrowthCap Awards in stories and articles appearing in newspapers, periodicals, and digital publications, are subject to the following conditions:

    1. Published references to GrowthCap or its Awards may be made by an established third party media property unassociated and affiliated with an Award recipient company, firm, individual or other affiliate and must pertain to content that is objective in nature and does not promote or advertise an Award recipient
    2. Published references to GrowthCap or its Awards may not be initiated by, or coordinated with, whether directly or indirectly, an Award recipient firm, individual or other recipient affiliate unless such reference was granted under the express written consent from GrowthCap.



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