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Best Growth Investment Firm Rankings

GrowthCap’s Best Growth Investment Firm Rankings are based on years of research and feedback collected through a series of awards processes we have been running each year since 2013. This is not a ranking based solely on financial returns as we view returns data as a lagging indicator of a firm’s value creation capabilities and can be readily obtained through other data providers or the firms themselves. Instead GrowthCap focuses on understanding the quality of a firm’s investment activity and the fundamental key attributes that enable it to consistently outperform and repeatedly help CEOs and management teams scale their companies. We evaluate each firm’s leadership, strategy, unique competitive advantages, operational capabilities, team composition, and capital responsibility (ESG), among other factors. Rankings also take into account GrowthCap awards won, firm momentum and recent notable events. The below information was updated on February 27, 2024.

Rank Firm Category Key Points Awards (LTM | Total)
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