Business Software

The business software sector represents a large, fast-growing segment of the technology industry generating in excess of $300 billion annually. 30,000+ companies provide a variety of niche software solutions. Within this sector, SaaS-based solutions (Software as a Service) represent even more dramatic growth.

SaaS represents an efficient delivery model for business software and related data, both of which are hosted in the cloud and accessed through the internet. Demand for SaaS is driven by the need for businesses to reduce IT-related costs, speed up deployment times and promote innovation. Another sought after benefit is that most businesses pay a subscription over time, avoiding the substantial upfront software license fees. Overall, the SaaS model provides more flexibility to businesses in a time of increased competition and economic uncertainty.

From an investment perspective, SaaS companies are attractive because of their strong recurring revenue base, superior margins, predictable growth and broad set of future potential acquirers.

Business Services

The business services industry is comprised of companies providing business-related services to fellow companies. Companies in this industry offer a variety of services, including technology-enabled services, professional consulting, healthcare services, distribution, logistics, human resources, staffing, security, outsourcing, and marketing among other services.

Technology-enabled services are a combination of proprietary technology and services that help companies improve business operations through a targeted approach making individual processes and functions more efficient. These service providers leverage years of experience and develop precise solutions focused on one particular area such as security, compliance, accounting, sales, human capital management, workforce collaboration among other areas. Top performers in this sector sustain enduring client relationships by also leveraging global best practices and industry relationships and strive to provide customers with ever improving state of the art solutions.

Technology-enabled services companies exhibit attractive investment characteristics such as sticky client bases, recurring revenue, high margins and differentiated value propositions that lead to impressive competitive advantages.

Private Capital

GrowthCap works with a select group of family offices and institutional investors who seek to lead or participate in situations which can produce outsized risk-adjusted returns.  While GrowthCap is primarily focused on growth buyouts and growth equity investments, it has expertise in and frequently works across a broad range of complex situations involving bespoke transaction structuring. Our team pursues activities according to our investors preferences from deal origination to coordinating an end-to-end transaction process.

GrowthCap has extensive experience across a broad range of financing and acquisition transactions.  GrowthCap is highly involved in each situation and works closely with its investors, company owners and other key stakeholders to evaluate possible investment structures, negotiate optimal terms and orchestrate towards a successful closing.



Private Company

For select cases, GrowthCap provides transaction advisory services to growth-stage, private companies that are seeking to run a competitive financing or sale process.

GrowthCap has a broad network of long-standing relationships with private capital investors including family offices, growth equity firms, private equity firms, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, special situation investors and private debt funds.

We have extensive experience advising on sales to strategics and private equity firms as well as portfolio companies of private equity firms.  GrowthCap has successfully executed on complex negotiations pertaining to corporate carve-outs, add-on acquisitions, asset sales, and management incentives among many other deal aspects.