Pamlico Capital
Control-oriented growth equity investment firm
Charlotte, North Carolina


Overall Rank: 43
Category: Mid/Large Cap Growth
Category Rank: 21

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Founded in 1988, Pamlico Capital seeks control-oriented growth equity investments of up to $200 million alongside founders and proven leaders across four target industries: communications, healthcare, services and software. Working from one office in Charlotte, North Carolina, its team of investment professionals has sourced and led hundreds of successful transactions over its 35+ year history. Pamlico closed its most recent fund in 2020 at the hard cap of $1.4 billion. Since inception, the firm has invested approximately $4 billion.

Pamlico takes a comprehensive approach and active involvement in each of its portfolio companies. It employs strategic planning, portfolio best practice sharing, go-to-market strategy, acquisition planning, and human capital networks to optimize all business operations and capitalize on value creation opportunities. The firm’s culture is upheld by a people-first mentality where colleagues support each other in and out of the office.


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Key People

The firm is led by an experienced team of partners who average 22 years with the firm and who have invested through numerous different economic cycles. Its team has sourced and led hundreds of successful transactions together and maintains deep relationships across its core industry verticals.

Part of what makes Pamlico special is how it does what it does, and the culture it has built that makes people want to spend their career with the firm. Collaboration and support are the cornerstones of the firm’s success. Pamlico fosters a strong team mentality and celebrates team wins just as much as individual accomplishments.

Funds Raised

Pamlico closed its first fund as an independent firm, PC III, in 2013 at the hard cap with total commitments of $650 million. Three years later in 2016, it closed PC IV at the hard cap of $910 million. Pamilco’s most recent fund, PC V, closed in early 2020 at the hard cap of $1.4 billion.

Fund Name Size Date
Pamlico Capital V $1.4 billion February 2020
Pamlico Capital IV $910 million November 2016
Pamlico Capital III $650 million October 2013

Key Investments

Cartegraph Systems: Exited July 2022
Sector: Software

Description: Cartegraph provides SaaS-based operations and asset management solutions sold primarily into local governments throughout the United States.

Service Express: Exited November 2019
Sector: Services

Description: Service Express is a leading provider of Third Party Maintenance (“TPM”) services for mission-critical data center infrastructure focused on server and storage equipment. As a TPM provider, Service Express also provides additional service solutions including hardware system solutions, sales and upgrades, OS support, and data center relocations.

Veson Nautical: Invested January 2017
Sector: Software

Description: Veson Nautical provides SaaS-based commercial maritime shipping software to ship-owners, charterers, traders, and operators. 

World 50: Invested December 2015
Sector: Services

Description: World 50 is an exclusive, invite-only peer-to-peer network and knowledge exchange platform serving senior executives at leading corporations. World 50’s peer groups help busy executives build high-value relationships and stay ahead of complex business issues.

Capital Responsibility

Pamlico conducts its business and holds its employees accountable for acting with the highest level of integrity. Pamlico’s team believes in doing “the right thing” and making sure the best interests of its firm, its clients, and its portfolio companies are served in everything it does. The firm believes transparency is an expectation of its investors, and when it makes investments, it conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that it is not investing in a company or supporting a management team that violates the principals of global harmony, transparency or sound corporate governance.

CEO Reviews

John Veson, Co-founder and CEO of Veson Nautical

“Like our company, what makes Pamlico different is their culture. They have always been collaborative and never force us to do anything, which ultimately helps us make better decisions. We really value the network that Pamlico brought to us.”

Ian Kieninger, Co-founder and CEO of Avant

“It was obvious five minutes into our first meeting with Pamlico that we had a cultural connection. Their approach felt really good. Everything they said they were going to do, they did. Pamlico brings a lot of great resources to the table such as their in-house operations team. They bring a lot of value to us, help us get more creative, and grow faster.”

David Wilkie, CEO of World 50

“Pamlico has a very different style. They listened to what we were trying to do and backed our team. There is a warmth to them in a way that is hard to explain. We leaned on them heavily for help with M&A, where we had basically no experience. They are really good at getting CEOs across their portfolio together to share ideas and learn from each other.”