Global alternative investment firm
New York City, NY


Overall Rank: 30
Category: Mid/Large Cap Growth
Category Rank: 13

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Founded in 1976, KKR is a leading global investment firm that manages approximately $553 billion in assets across growth equity, private equity, infrastructure, real estate, and credit (as of December 31, 2023).

KKR’s growth equity strategies leverage the firm’s expertise and reach, offering differentiated capital and strategic solutions to growing companies. To date, the firm has raised five dedicated growth equity funds and has made growth investments in more than 50 companies across the Technology and Health Care sectors.

KKR offers a unique combination of resources that directly help high-growth companies scale, including deep industry expertise and pattern recognition, an extensive global presence across 25 offices on four continents, a global network of 100+ portfolio companies and myriad executive relationships, and proprietary solutions such as:

  • KKR Capstone, which works with KKR’s investment and company management teams to identify, underwrite and drive trajectory-changing operational improvements;

  • KKR Capital Markets, which offers tailored financing and execution for every stage of a company’s life cycle across debt, equity and structured products;

  • KKR Global Institute, which helps KKR and its portfolio companies navigate geopolitical issues and assess international growth opportunities such as new market entry; and

  • KKR’s Global Macro and Asset Allocation team, which analyzes global economic and market developments and their implications for investing across strategies and geographies and offers portfolio construction, asset allocation and hedging advice.


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