Berkshire Partners
Private equity investment firm
Boston, MA


Overall Rank: 17
Category: Mid/Large Cap Growth
Category Rank: 10

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Berkshire Partners has a well-established history as a multi-sector specialist investor in private and public equity. The firm’s private equity team invests in leading companies across a range of business sectors including consumer, healthcare, services & industrials, technology & communications, and digital infrastructure. With more than 150 private equity investments to date, Berkshire Partners collaborates with management teams to strengthen and enhance the companies in which it invests. The firm’s public equity group, Stockbridge, manages a concentrated portfolio seeking attractive long-term investments. The firm’s Stockbridge and Private Equity teams frequently collaborate and leverage their collective industry expertise across sectors.

Berkshire Partners’ investment process is grounded in analytical rigor, truth-seeking, and open debate. The firm seeks to be a constructive partner for management teams and to provide the necessary guidance to help its portfolio companies grow into enduring market leaders.

Berkshire Partners is 100% employee-owned and works hard to reinforce its team-centered approach. Collaboration and deep alignment with stakeholders are principles that the firm believes have helped attract and retain experienced investment professionals. Team members possess deep sector knowledge and champion the firm’s values: Relationships Matter, The Power of Teams, and Winning the Right Way. It is these core values and the distinctive culture of Berkshire Partners that it believes have helped drive the firm’s success.


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2023 Top 40 Under 40 Growth Investors, Candice Corvetti, Drew Walker

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2023 Top Women Leaders in Growth Investing, Marni Payne, Beth Hoffman

2019 Top 25 Business Services Investors, EJ Whelan

Key People

Berkshire Partners is committed to a stewardship model and governs its business through committees led by managing directors who are responsible for the firm’s overall success. 

Governance and Policy Committee (GAP): Responsible for firm-level strategy, culture, and alignment across business lines. GAP is led by:

  • Samantha A. Adams joined Berkshire in 2012
  • Ross M. Jones joined Berkshire in 1993
  • Robert J. Small joined Berkshire in 1992
  • Terry H. Thompson joined Berkshire in 2020

Private Equity Committee (PEC) – Responsible for private equity strategy, management, alignment, and resource allocation. PEC is led by:

  • Michael C. Ascione joined Berkshire in 2001
  • Ross M. Jones joined Berkshire in 1993
  • Joshua A. Lutzker joined Berkshire in 1998

Stockbridge Executive Committee (SBEC) – Responsible for Stockbridge strategy, management, and alignment as well as portfolio and resource management. SBEC is led by:

  • Jonathan J. Meyer joined Berkshire in 1999
  • Anil Seetharam joined Berkshire in 2003
  • Robert J. Small joined Berkshire in 1992


Funds Raised

Fund Name Size Date
Fund X $5.8 billion 2021
Fund IX $5.5 billion 2016
Fund VIII $4.5 billion 2011
Fund VII $3.1 billion 2006
Fund VI $1.7 billion 2002
Fund V $882 million 1998
Fund IV $387 million 1996
Fund III $169 million 1992
Fund II $125 million 1986
Fund I $59 million 1984


Stockbridge – $5.7B in Assets Under Management (as of 9/1/23)

Key Investments

AHEAD: Invested in 2020 and 2022

Founded in 2007, AHEAD builds platforms for digital businesses. By weaving together advances in enterprise cloud infrastructure, intelligent operations, and modern applications, AHEAD helps enterprises deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

Ensemble Health Partners: Invested in 2022

Ensemble Health Partners is a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management solutions for health systems, including hospitals and affiliated physician groups. 

Harvey Performance Company; Invested in 2021

Founded in 1985, Harvey Performance Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized cutting tools for precision machining applications.

IVC Evidensia: Invested in 2020 and 2021

IVC Evidensia is Europe’s largest veterinary care provider and the number two provider globally, operating in 17 countries and with nearly 2,000 hospitals including both first opinion practices and specialty clinics.

Parts Town: Invested in 2016 and 2021

Parts Town is the fastest-growing distributor of genuine OEM repair and maintenance parts for the food service industry, supporting local, national, and international customers. 

*Represents five largest in our most recent PE fund. This is a sample of investments for illustrative purposes only and does not represent all investments.

Capital Responsibility

Berkshire Partners was founded more than 35 years ago with a vision for an enduring organization that would focus on creating value for stakeholders by building better companies. 

The firm employs a stewardship model, which it believes has enabled it to maintain its focus on long-term, sustainable value creation. This long-term perspective and focus on stewardship underpin its core values – Relationships Matter, The Power of Teams, and Winning the Right Way. For Berkshire Partners, these aren’t simply words on paper but, rather, living principles that are embedded in its everyday decision-making. The firm is 100% employee-owned, with a compensation model that rewards shared success across the organization. 

The firm is led collaboratively and strives to create an inclusive culture, grounded in respect and teamwork. These values are also the foundation of its investment approach. As outlined in its recent Responsible Investment Report Berkshire Partners has long understood that considering the full impact of its investments on people and the planet is both the right thing to do and makes business sense. 

The firm is committed to a goal of enabling net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner across its investments. Berkshire intends for its operations to achieve the same goal. The firm has also advanced other key responsible investment priorities within its portfolio companies, including diversity, equity, and inclusion and employee ownership, which have been Berkshire principles throughout its history. 

Across all efforts at Berkshire Partners, the firm is committed to leading by example to build enduring value for the people and communities it touches. 


Disclaimer: Any ESG or impact, targets, programs, commitments, incentives, initiatives, or benefits referenced in any information, reporting or disclosures published by Berkshire Partners are not being promoted to investors and do not bind any investment decisions or the management or stewardship of any funds managed or advised by Berkshire Partners for the purposes of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector unless otherwise specified in relevant fund documentation or regulatory disclosures. Applying ESG factors to investment decisions is qualitative and subjective by nature. There are also significant differences in interpretations of what positive ESG characteristics mean by region, industry, and topic. Berkshire Partners’ interpretations and decisions are expected to differ from others’ views and could also evolve over time. In addition, in evaluating an investment, Berkshire Partners expects to depend upon information and data provided by a number of sources, including the relevant investments and/or various reporting sources which could be incomplete, inaccurate, or unavailable, and which could cause Berkshire Partners to incorrectly assess a company’s ESG practices and/or related risks and opportunities. Berkshire Partners does not intend to independently verify all ESG information reported by investments or third parties.