The Top 15 Growth Equity Investors of 2013

Within recent years growth equity has received increased attention from the financial industry at large and in particular the limited partner universe. Last year, it was even deemed a distinct equity asset class. However, growth equity is still often misunderstood by company executives and entrepreneurs in terms of how it differs from venture capital and the more traditional private equity firms.

Moreover, company CEOs are frequently unaware of who the major growth equity investors are or that the segment is comprised of thousands of investors and includes such institutions as hedge funds, pensions, endowments, corporates, sovereign wealth funds, and family offices.

To assist GrowthCap’s CEO community in better understanding this unique investor set, GrowthCap used its comprehensive research to compile a list of the growth equity investment firms who were most active throughout 2013 and who have a core focus on rapidly growing companies in need of capital in the range of $5 million to $75 million.

See the list of 2013′s top 15 growth equity investors below, and visit GrowthCap’s comprehensive research for additional information on thousands of institutional and family office investors.

GrowthCap’s Top 15 Growth Equity Investors of 2013

  1. 1logoSummit PartnersSummit Partners has raised nearly $15 billion in capital, and has invested in more than 380 businesses across North America, Europe and Asia.View Detailed Investor Profile
  2. 2logoInsight Venture PartnersInsight Venture Partners is a leading global private equity and venture capital firm, having raised more than $7.6 billion and invested in more than 190 companies.View Detailed Investor Profile
  3. 3logoVulcan CapitalInvestment arm of Vulcan Inc., Vulcan Capital invests through a wide range of securities with investment horizons of up to 10 or more years.View Detailed Investor Profile
  4. 4logoBaird CapitalSince 1989, Baird’s U.S. Private Equity group has invested in growing and profitable lower-middle-market companies in a variety of sectors.View Detailed Investor Profile
  5. 5logoH.I.G Growth PartnersH.I.G. Growth Partners is the dedicated growth capital investment affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, a leading global private equity investment firm with over $13 billion of capital under management.View Detailed Investor Profile
  6. 6logoTA AssociatesTA Associates is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in equity and debt capital for expansion and acquisition of mid-market companies.View Detailed Investor Profile
  7. 7logoTechnology Crossover VenturesTCV has over 18 years of experience backing market-leading technology companies in the Internet, Business & Financial Services, Infrastructure and Software markets.View Detailed Investor Profile
  8. 8logoCatterton PartnersCatterton Partners is one of the largest private equity firms in the United States focused on the consumer industry.View Detailed Investor Profile
  9. 9logoFTV CapitalFTV Capital was founded in 1998 and invests in high-growth companies across Business Services, Financial Services, Payments and Transaction Processing and Technology.View Detailed Investor Profile
  10. 10logoABS CapitalABS Capital Partners focuses on late-stage growth companies with greater than $20 million in revenue and the capacity to achieve more than 25 percent growth in their core sectors.View Detailed Investor Profile
  11. 11logoACON InvestmentsACON Investments is an international private equity investment firm with strong presence in the U.S. out of its Washington DC and Los Angeles locations.View Detailed Investor Profile
  12. 12logoBregal InvestmentsBregal Investments is a global family of Private Equity and Fund investment vehicles with dedicated strategies focused on the North American middle market.View Detailed Investor Profile
  13. 13logoCamden PartnersCamden Partners is a Baltimore-based private equity firm making growth investments in Education, Healthcare, and Business Services companies since 1995.View Detailed Investor Profile
  14. 14logoElement PartnersElement Partners is a leading growth equity firm dedicated solely to companies in the Global Energy, Industrial, and Environmental markets.View Detailed Investor Profile
  15. 15logoHarbert Management CorporationHMC and its affiliates have been involved in the management and growth of privately-held companies for more than 50 years.View Detailed Investor Profile

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