Tech Investing Legend: TCV’s Jay Hoag

In this episode, we speak with Jay Hoag, Founding General Partner at TCV. Founded in 1995, TCV has built a track record of partnering with private and public technology companies that have developed into global, category-defining players. 

The firm has invested over $17 billion in more than 350 technology companies worldwide and has supported over 145 IPOs and strategic acquisitions, making it one of the most active technology investors. Select investments include Airbnb, Celonis, Clio, Cradlepoint, ExactTarget, Expedia, Facebook, Fandango, GoDaddy, GoFundMe, HomeAway, Netflix, Nubank, Revolut, Splunk, Spotify, Toast, Twillio, and Zillow.

Jay has been a venture capitalist and technology investor for 40 years. Prior to TCV, Jay was a Managing Director at Chancellor Capital Management, where he spent more than 12 years as a technology-focused venture capitalist and fund manager. Jay is currently on the board of directors of Netflix, Peloton, TripAdvisor, and Zillow.

Jay supports Part the Cloud. To learn more about this organization click here.

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