GrowthCap’s Growth Equity Valuation Report: B2B Software

GrowthCap has released its 2014 B2B Software Growth Equity Valuation Report.  The report focuses on private company growth equity valuation and financing data, as well as the top investors and companies that participated in transactions throughout 2014 in the B2B software industry. Data provided represents a compilation of information from leading private company financial research firms, publicly available filings, and GrowthCap’s own analysis.

For purposes of the report, GrowthCap defined growth financings as 1) those that represented a company’s Series B round or later, 2) with a transaction size from $5 million to $40 million, and 3) a pre-money valuation of less than $200 million. Only transactions with available valuation data were included in our analysis which could lead to an incomplete picture of the industry as whole; this report represents an analysis of a total of 247 transactions with valuation data.

Key Highlights

  • Industries with the highest median valuations included IT Security, Advertising, and Customer Service & CRM Software as investors continue to see these sectors as large addressable markets
  • Valuation for companies in this report increased by a median of 77% over their previous round; this increase occurred over a median period of 16 months
  • The Advertising and Internet Infrastructure & Development industries led in overall deal volume, representing 45 and 43 transactions, respectively

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