Growth Investing Leaders: Sageview Capital’s Ned Gilhuly and Scott Stuart

In this episode, we speak with Ned Gilhuly and Scott Stuart, the founding partners of Sageview Capital, which is a private investment firm with over $2 billion in assets under management focused on enduring software and tech-enabled businesses.

Ned and Scott founded Sageview in 2006 after their nearly two decade careers at KKR.

Ned joined KKR in 1986 in San Francisco and rose to establish and oversee all aspects of KKR’s business in Europe as well as serve on KKR’s Investment Committee.

Scott joined KKR in 1986 in New York, and rose to become responsible for the utilities and consumer products industry groups as well as serve on KKR’s Investment Committee.

Historically, the Sageview team has been the single largest investor in every fund, making up over 20% of its invested capital.

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