Excellence In Software Investing: JMI Equity’s Peter Arrowsmith

In this episode, we chat with Peter Arrowsmith, a General Partner of JMI Equity and a Top 25 Software Investor of 2020. JMI is a leading growth equity firm focused on helping founders and management teams in scaling their software companies. The firm is well equipped to do so given its long and focused track record in software, which goes all the way back to its founding and lead backer John Moores, the founder and former Chairman and CEO of BMC Software.

Notably, JMI has raised over $4 billion since it was founded in 1992. Over the years, the firm has invested in over 150 businesses, participated in 19 IPO’s, and completed over 100 exits. Peter and I chat about how the growth equity space has evolved over time, what they look for in investment opportunities and how JMI helps the companies it invests in.

We hope you enjoy the show.


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