Capitalizing On The Ecommerce Megatrend: Sana Commerce CEO Michiel Schipperus

Entrepreneurs who have built their business with no outside capital understand the skill it takes and greatly appreciate when seeing others who have done it.

Sana Commerce has been growing 50% each year for the past 12 years and now has approximately 400 employees. The secret to their success is a combination of favorable market conditions and a culture which emphasizes entrepreneurship and empowerment.

We spoke with the CEO Michiel Schipperus who built the b2b ecommerce software company from the start. It was hatched as a spin off from an IT services company that recognized the need for a productized solution from their existing client base.

The spin off ended up being wildly successful as ecommerce has continued to manifest as a megatrend. Listen to Michiel as he describes more about the company today as well as what has contributed to their success.

Welcome to the GrowthCap podcast where we chat with CEOs, investors and other key industry leaders to uncover insights and strategies for accelerating growth and succeeding in business. I am your host RJ Lumba.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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