What Great Tech Leadership Looks Like: Amplitude Co-founder And CEO Spenser Skates

At over $100 million in annual recurring revenue, Amplitude has consistently scaled each year since its founding in 2012. The Company provides a product intelligence platform that enables businesses to optimize digital product innovation. It serves over 30,000 teams at companies like Walmart, Ford, Inbev, Atlassian, Microsoft, Twitter, Hubspot, and Procter & Gamble.

Amplitude’s cerebral yet highly attuned co-founder and CEO, Spenser Skates, is largely to thank for the company’s rapid rise. He is not only a highly skilled entrepreneur, he is a global thinker and proactive leader stepping up in areas for the betterment of society. We cover a wide range of topics spanning Spenser’s source of inspiration, his early beginnings as an entrepreneur and his disciplined approach to consistent scaling.

The company is backed by Benchmark, Battery, IVP, Sequoia and GIC.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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