Powering The Private Market: Juniper Square CEO Alex Robinson

Those working in financial markets see what’s coming, it’s the democratization of private investing. Higher return opportunities in private equity are currently only available to sophisticated institutional and quasi-institutional investors, but that’s changing.

Alex Robinson founded Juniper Square in 2014, to transform private equity with innovative software and solutions. Today, the company is trusted by over 1,200 GPs to manage more than 200,000 investors and $1.5 trillion in assets. Juniper Square has quickly become the leading provider of investment management solutions for commercial real estate, the company’s entry point into private equity.

Alex shares with us his insights on real estate private equity and how his company offers an elegant solution to a once complicated problem. Juniper Square has raised over $100 million and is backed by Redpoint, Ribbit Capital and Felicis Ventures.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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