FinTech’s Mission Driven Leader: Climb CEO Angela Ceresnie

In this episode we chat with Angela Ceresnie, the CEO of Climb, which is an innovative student lending platform that makes career creation and transformation more accessible, affordable, and accountable. The company is driven by a mission to empower individuals to unlock their career potential – no matter what their credit profile.

Angela first joined Climb as the Chief Operating Officer in 2016 and quickly helped shape the operations, culture, and future of Climb, earning her the role of CEO in 2018. Prior to Climb, she co-founded and was COO/CFO of Orchard Platform — a provider of software and data products offered to institutional investors to purchase loans from marketplace lenders. Orchard was acquired by Kabbage. Earlier in her career, Angela spent nine years running credit risk analytics teams at American Express and Citibank.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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