A Unique Approach To Real Estate Investing: Argosy’s David Butler and Rick Firmine

Welcome to the GrowthCap podcast where we chat with CEOs, investors and other key industry leaders to uncover insights and strategies for accelerating growth and succeeding in business. I am your host RJ Lumba

In this episode, we chat with David Butler and Rick Firmine of Argosy Real Estate Partners, a fund manager with $1.3 billion currently under management. It has invested $5.5 billion in gross real estate investments since inception and operates out of three offices in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

Argosy believes that a unique investment approach can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage over the long run. As one of the few institutional diversified real estate fund managers focused on the underserved lower middle market, the firm has created value for institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals over many years.

David and Rick speak to their strategy, the trends they are seeing in the market and also share with us the tax advantages of investing in Opportunity Zones.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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