A Methodical Approach To Building A SaaS Company: Celigo CEO Jan Arendtsz

In this episode we chat with Jan Arendtsz, a former corporate software professional turned entrepreneur. Unlike many of today’s startup founders, Jan took a more methodical approach to founding and ultimately building his company, Celigo.

Celigo simplifies the integration of business applications and data sources in the enterprise. Its integration Platform-as-a-Service or iPaaS solution allows both technical and business users to connect applications together quickly through an industry-leading guided user interface. Based in San Mateo, California, Celigo is backed by growth equity.

In setting out as a software entrepreneur, Jan first identified a distinct need in the market through his client engagements as an IT services provider. He then began gradually transitioning to developing a software product while ensuring a true product-market fit.

As we hear from Jan, building a company is not easy but with passion and a single-minded focus, one can overcome the inevitable challenges which accompany the entrepreneurial journey.

We hope you enjoy the show.


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