A Bright Light In Tech Leadership: WebPT CEO Nancy Ham

In this episode we chat with the CEO of WebPT, Nancy Ham, whose clarity in leadership philosophy has served her well through many notable executive positions she’s held throughout her career. It’s her clarity and way of shining a light on key business levers that make her a CEO that some of today’s best investors seek to partner with. WebPT, the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth, is currently backed by Warburg Pincus.

We chat about the company’s maniacal focus on product and purpose, how private equity has helped her scale the company, the decision to go 100% remote, and who she thinks is the best CEO.

Nancy also shares with us three valuable leadership insights: amnesty on the past, the ‘What’ vs the ‘So What’, and a relentless focus on the ‘Why’.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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