Investment Banking Redefined

GrowthCap Partners (“GrowthCap”) is a platform for driven investment banking professionals who seek a better lifestyle and higher earning potential.  A better lifestyle is created by being in full control of your time. Higher earning potential is created by being in full control of the quality and number of deals you take on.

Our Model

We believe individuals perform at their best when they are given the independence to operate freely in a supportive and collaborative environment.  And we believe individuals will sustain a deep passion and energy for their work when they have full confidence they will reap the economic rewards from the results they produce.

We select individuals who have demonstrated deal making ability but more importantly we select individuals who are driven to advance in life both personally and professionally.  We provide the platform and tools needed to operate as an effective investment banking professional.  Unlike working at a traditional investment bank, we don’t believe there should ever be a cap on how much you make.

Skills Desired

We are looking for investment banking professionals who have solid transaction experience and the ability to communicate and work well with company executives.  We are looking for hard workers who are persistent, think strategically and are detail oriented.  Most importantly, we are looking for long term partners as we continue to build the GrowthCap platform.

Learn more about opportunities with GrowthCap.  Feel free to send a note to